Rod’s multi-cultural, multi-generational ministry

You may remember that Rod once wanted us to move from the troubled Caucasus to the more troubled Republic of Dagestan. Thankfully, the Lord plucked us out of Russia before I had to tell Rod that there was no way that I was going to live in the second oldest inhabited city in the world where they haven't yet invented table legs or long-handled brooms.

Happily for Rod, Dagestan has come to him in the person of Mechman. From a Muslim background, Mechman spent seven years living on the streets of Tel Aviv. He's been a believer for about three years and is a humble, sincere and changed guy. He's working now and trying to reunite with his family who are still in Dagestan. Mechman's poor Hebrew and the shame he feels about his past life on the streets are obstacles he needs to overcome in order to integrate fully into Israeli life. Thanks to your gifts, he has new teeth which have given him a lot more confidence.

In the picture with Rod are Dani (more about him in our next letter) and Nikita, Sveta’s son.

As ever, thanks for your generous support of us and our work:

xoxo Margi

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